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Inpaq  Chip Ferrite Bead for GHz Range MGB series

Chip Ferrite Bead for GHz Range

Multilayer Chip Bead Series use multilayer ferrite design/process for EMI and noise filtering for general use, high-speed signal lines, power supplies, power supplies with low DC resistance type.

The MGB series ferrite bead generates high impedance at high frequency. Effectively filtering capability over a wide range of frequency ,an impedance range of 600~1000ohms. Available in case sizes EIAJ: 0402/1005.
Picture Description Series Size (EIA) Size (EIAJ) SPEC Impedance(Ω)± 25% DCR(Ω) Max. Rated Current (mA) Application
GHz Range MGB series MGB 0402 1005 MGB 1005 G 600~1000 0.85~1.25 300~250  Video / USB / DVD / Baseband / Chipset / Microphone / Speaker / SIM card / Camera / Pannel / Storage / A
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