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Power inductor

Power Inductor

Inpaq is competitive power inductors manufacturer with patent. For low profile and compact components in power application, Inpaq provides total power inductor solutions for portable devices, smart phone, table PC/PAD, two process technolgies of Wire-wound plastic molding with magnetic powders (Metal modling series) and Mutlilayer ferrite/ceramic co-firing in high temperature process (Multilayer Ferrite series). WIP and MIP series are available and JEIA Size: 2520/2016 for WIP, 2520/2016 for MIP series. inductance range from 0.24~4.7uH.
Inpaq Power inductor Metal Molding WIP series
Metal Molding(2012~2520)
Inpaq Power inductor Metal Molding WMM series
Metal Molding(4040~130130)
Inpaq Multilayer Ferrite power inductor MIP series
Multilayer Ferrite
Inpaq Power inductor Wire-Wound NIP series
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